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Would’t it be sensational to be excited about your fitness program, and to actually look forward to an electrifying class that get’s amazing results? Yes, You’ll eagerly anticipate every class so much you’ll be chomping at the bit to get back in! Why? Because it is so much fun and the end result is so remarkable!

6 Week For $69, Unlimited Classes, & Free Gloves ($159 Value)!

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Tampa Bay Kickboxing- REAL KICKBOXING without the Contact is a course that will tighten you up, develop lean muscles and provide the physique every everyone want. You will be amazed at how quickly your body changes and your body fat percent drops. The proven secret to our Kickboxing program is the combination of Drills and Exercises utilizing a bag that provides you with cardiovascular exercise and resistance training simultaneously. This Professional fitness training program along with a healthy diet is the perfect formula for a Full Body FAT BURNING workout. A Workout that will shred that last bit of stubborn Fat, and reveal the startling body that you where born with. Wear the outfit that you use to wear, and say goodbye to those black garments you wear to cover up your problem areas. No longer feel embarrassed about your body, but fee the freedom that only those that have a great body feel. Change your life with Tampa Bay Kickboxing Program! Call Today and make the first step to a new you!

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As Your Body Improves, So Will Your Skill!

Yes, You will get the best workout of your life, but you will also develop real boxing & Kickboxing skills! You’ll Improve your boxing & Kickboxing ability including your punching, kicking and kneeing technique as well as your footwork and body mechanics. Plus you’ll learn really cool combinations. Tampa Bay Kickboxing’s bag workouts are designed to help you reach your fitness goals and improve your skills. It feels good to know your getting fit and developing expertise that could potentially be used in self-defense situation if you or your loved ones were ever threatened. 

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Cyrena Duncan

Amazing Training!


Great atmosphere & camaraerie


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6 Week For $69, Unlimited Kickboxing Classes in Tampa Bay!

And Now YOU Can Try Our Kickboxing program for a 6 Week For $69, Unlimited Classes, & Free Gloves ($159 Value). Take Advantage of this Crazy Offer! It is just for a limited time! You’ll get 6 weeks to try our program, a Free Consultation and Tour, along with FREE Gloves. All you need to do is give us a call…. (727) 270-7629 or fill out the form at the top right of the screen and get your training started today!

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