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Watch your child blossom in awe-inspiring ways with a more positive attitude, unshakable confidence, more determination, and greater character than most Adults!


Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do


Bruce Lee’s Kickboxing Fighting Method. Learn The most Effective Kickboxing in the World for Sport Combat or a Violent Street Altercation. 



Filipino Martial Arts (Kali) Program!Filipino Kali - Inosanto Lacoste blend

Learn the most sought after by Special Forces, Navy Seals, and the top US agencies. Kali is considered to the most deadly art in the world combining edged weapon, firearms tactics, impact weapons, and empty hands into killing machine. 



Progressive Fighting System Program!

PFS for short is the program that was created by Sifu Paul Vunak, and it was designed to train Navy Seals how to be the most effective on the battle field. PFS combines JKD, Kali, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai together to make the most effective fight strategy for all 13 agencies like, CIA, FBI, DEA, and many more. 


The Silat Program!

Silat is considered to be by many to be missing link in the street fight technology. Using multiple weapons, and multiple lines to deceive their opponent. Silat is well known for it unique take downs, and devastating entry’s.


elders academy of martial arts

“The Martial Artist of today are a special breed of men and women that do not walk a normal path of life, but a Journey full of perseverance, dedication, self-discipline, and hard work. They live by a code, and that code is what binds us, the code of the warrior. The martial artist understands that this is a way of life, not a hobby. We understand that it is the journey, not the destination that matters. Within all of that we find balance, and the goal to push harder to developing our mind, body, and spirit as one. To reach the ultimate goal of finding out what our true potential is, and to inspire others to do the same.” – Sean K. Elders

Elders Academy has many programs to offer Martial Artist or someone wanting to become one. The basic foundation of our program is the Jeet kune do philosophy, true adaptability to every situation. Elders Academy has two major towers which we focus on “Self Preservation”, and “Self Perfection”.

    • “Self Preservation” is the surviving of a violent act upon you or a loved one, and the essential tools used to carry out that act of survival. This is the training that is functional in real life situations for the novice, and does not take but a short duration of time to learn this basic portion. It is built on the scientific understanding that in the middle of a life and death situation under the stresses of a chemical dump. The body can only function under the basic visceral response of simple gross motor mechanics this is where the program R.A.T (Rapid Assault Tactics), and E.T.G.S. (Escape to Gain Safty) comes into play. These are the best simple movement you can do to destroy a larger, stronger, more skill fighter. These are the cream of the crop movements to handle any altercation, like the stand up, ground, clinch, trapping, mass attack, and weapons attack.


    • “Self Perfection” is the progression, the learning, the building blocks of attributes, and the perfection of your skill. Self Perfection is learning more advanced movements that take longer to functionalize in live motion, this is called complex motor skills. These complex motor skills take a larger amounts of repetition to master for live motion. The movements are still very effective, but take time to make functional.


  • These two towers hold the key to the martial artist progression, and their ability to adapt in the mist of battle. As you Self Perfect you will build attributes, and as you Self Preserve you will build survival skills. When you combine them, you will be functionalizing the Self perfection, and bring out more advanced skill into you Self Preservation. This is the perfect cocktail for the purest training progression there is, and slowly as you progress you will reach your true potential.

martial art progression

60% of the martial arts of today focus more on the “Self Perfection” aspect than the “Self Preservation”. Which can bring about a unrealistic thinking when it comes to a violent street altercation. 30% of the martial arts focus on Sports venues, like MMA, and tournaments. These type of venues mainly focus on titles, public recognition, acknowledgment, and entertainment. There bound by rules and confined to a specific order, and are organized by judges (we have no problems with MMA, but we do understand its limitations and we take that under consideration). They are skilled athletes, and are true specimens of our day, but it is not valid for the violent and unpredictable world out side of the arena. In a street situation you must adapt to anything that comes your way. That includes Weapons attack, mass attack, a Larger stronger attacker, there is no gentlemen rules, just animal like instincts putting in all there power to try to stop you.