7 Deadly Questions

#1 What would you do against a bigger stronger opponent who kicks, punches, and wrestles better than you and you have to fight?

#2 How would you handle an escaped convict from a maximum security prison that’s total intent is to kill you?

#3 How would you react if some one was attempting to abduct your child?

#4 What if a group of thugs with box cutters, knives and sticks are about to swarm on you , your wife and child. What would you do?

#5 How would you escape a situation where you are being grabbed, and dragged into an alley away from the public to be raped?

#6 You are enjoying a quiet evening at home…your door is kicked in and you find yourself in the midst of a home invasion….what do you do?

#7 How do you deal with a chemical dump of adrenalin, intense stress, and tunnel vision during a violent altercation. How are you suppose to survive under that kind of Stress Inoculation?

If you do not have a answer for all of these situations then you are constantly at risk and at the mercy of what occurs daily and is only getting worse…one only needs to watch the evening news to realize how dangerous life is becoming…

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to learn the finest military fighting technology on the planet, the exact same hand to hand combat training developed exclusively by PFS for the U.S. NAVY SEALS and over 18 government agencies. 

YOU will learn how to deal viciously and effectively with all kinds of dangerous encounters and walk away safe and a winner!

17 ways this program could save your life!


Brutally Beaten

beat down

Brutally Cut

beat down

    1. Ultimate Fighting: Master the Ranges of Combat on your feet, back, and with weapons to be able to handle all the variations of a Street Fight.
    2. Bruce Lee’s Principles of Interception, to stop 90% of Fights with a single move.
    3. No Blocks or Wide Stances. Instantly Destroy Punches & Kicks from Boxers, Karate Masters, and Street Thugs.
    4. Bruce Lee’s Favorite Move. Turn street fighters into pedestrians by Blasting Them off their Feet.
    5. Instantly Terminate Your opponent with the Bodies Most natural Barbaric Tools.
    6. The three ways to get out from under a 300 lbs man and escape to your feet.
    7. We have condensed 20 years of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu down to his 10 favorite moves.
    8. The simple yet effective defense against a large wild man charging you.
    9. I reveal the rare Filipino art of Kinimutai – the art of uninterrupted biting and eye gouging.
    10. Defense against a knife that will improve one’s odds 100% guaranteed.
    11. The exact curriculum we teach 13 governmental agencies.
    12. Why most disarms will get you killed. I will show you what works.
    13. Every “street” weapon that is ever available in a fight, and the only correct way to use them to end the brawl immediately!


  1. Mass Attack: How to fight more than one person and win.
  2. Navy SEAL Quick Kills: For the first time ever you can learn “quick kills”. Only taught to specialized assault groups.
  3. ETGS – Escape To Gain Safety: Military technology adapted for women and children.
  4. Street Fighting Escapes: We will show you the escapes to use in a fight against a headlock, arm lock, ground pin, bear hug, rear naked choke and many more.