Tampa Bay Kickboxing Team

Head Instructor

Sean Elders is the Founder / Owner / Head Instructor of Tampa Bay Kickboxing. Mr. Elders has been training in Martial Arts since 1983, and has trained with the most elite martial artist in the world. He is proud to provide to Tampa Bay his world class instruction in a Fun, and Safe training environment. Check out his full Bio here


Assistant Instructor

Lenin Isabel is the Assistant Instructor of Tampa Bay Kickboxing. He is a long time Martial Artist with over 20 years Martial arts experience. He has studied Capoeira for over 11 years and is an instructor in Capoeira. Lenin has been under the tutelage of Head Instructor Sifu Sean Elders since 2010. He is an acheived student, and is working on his Instructorship.



BoodaSales Manager 

Rolando Yamid Quiroz AKA “Booda” of Saint Petersburg FL is a Senior Student under Sifu Sean Elders and has been training with him for over 7 years. Rolando has 20 years of sales experience and is a important member of Sifu Sean’s Staff, because of his understanding of the martial arts. He is able to give a honest approach to the membership process, and informing prospective students of the vast opportunity of knowledge taught by Sifu Sean Elders at the school.