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Paul Vunak

Sigung Paul Vunak is a world famous martial art Icon, and stated in black belt magazines as being one of the top 20 street fighters in the world. Paul Vunak learned from the legend Guro Dan Inosanto at his school from 1976-1986, and during that time he also taught classes at the Kali academy. In 1983 Paul started training with the Gracie brothers and stepped up his ground game. Through his own progression he created his own organization Progressive Fighting Systems and started to teach his brand of street fighting. During this time their was no UFC or mixed martial art bouts going on, and this type of training was ahead of it’s time. So in 1988 he was approached by the U.S. Department of Navy to move to Virginia to train the Navy Seals (for 3 & half years), and create a streamlined system called the R.A.T. ,which means Rapid Assault Tactics. This was where Paul was able to showcase his high level of expertise to the most elite soldiers in the world.


Paul Vunak with the DEA

Paul Vunak & the DEA, Elders Academy Largo FL, Tampa FL

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“Sigung Paul Vunak is one of the most kind hearted, and generous people I have ever met. He comes into your space with such a positive genuine vibe, it’s hard to leave. I enjoy his story’s of the old days with Guro Dan, and Sifu Larry Hartsell.”

by Sifu Sean Elders

He is a World renown martial artist, and known as 1 of the top 20 street fighters in the world by Black Belt Magazine.

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Paul trained under the Legendary martial art icon Guro Dan Inosanto, the one and only instructor certified under Bruce Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do.


Paul Royce Rickson

Paul stepped up his ground game and started training with the Gracie Brothers in their Garage, before they were even famous.


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Frank Cucci Seminar

Then was employed by the Department of Navy to train the elite Navy Seals for 3 and a half years, creating the most effective streamline system the R.A.T. on the face of the planet.

Paul has published several books, and has made over 30 different instructional videos for the public.

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enigma book
vunak inside kung fu
rapid assault tactics
martial arts book

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He has over 5600 students worldwide, and 130 descendants of the Master students, which includes Sifu Sean Elders.


Now he trains and teaches on a on going bases the Navy Seals, and 13 other agencies.