Host Seminar

Hosting a Seminar

If you are interested in Sifu Sean Elders unique & large knowledge, and would like to Host him for a Seminar at your School. You can Host a Seminar at your school, town gymnasium, Recreational center, Church, School, or Fitness center. Sifu Sean Elders has a vast amount of Martial Art topics for you to pick from. Give us a call and we can discuss it.

Seminar Pricing

1 day Seminar 6 hours: $1000 (including paying Travel and Hotel)

2 day Seminar 12 hours: $2000 (including paying Travel and Hotel)

3 day Seminar 18 hours: $3000 (including paying Travel and Hotel)

4 day Seminar Camp 24 hours: $4000 (including paying Travel and Hotel)

5 day Seminar Camp 30 hours: $5000 (including paying Travel and Hotel)

Note: It is completely up to the Host how much to charge each participant, and so it is up to you how you budget your resources. We can always help with the logistics.

Topics of Martial Arts interest

Note: Any of these topics or more specific aspects are welcome to be explored, and any mix of topics based on the time you are appointing.

  1. Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do
  2. The Filipino Martial Arts: KALI
  3. The Indonesian / Filipino Martial Art: SILAT
  4. Grappling Arts
  5. Native American Combat System
  6. Progressive Fighting System
  7. Rapid Assault Tactics
  8. Wing Chun
  9. Savate
  10. Muay Thai
  11. Western Boxing / Filipino Boxing / Dirty Boxing
  12. Weapons
  13. Military Technology – (Kit training) – Edged Weapon, Imapact Weapon, Hand Gun, Riffle, Empty hand with kit on, and Ground with kit (firearm, knife, flexible weapon)
  14. Military –  Quick Kills
  15. Bouncer / Door Man / Security
  16. Bodyguard
  17. Rapid Assault Tactics
  18. Tai Chi Tuan
  19. Offensive Fighting Tactics
  20. QiGong
  21. Firearms Vs. Empty Hand
  22. Knife & Firearm Hostage Escape
  23. Flexible Weapons
  24. Karambit
  25. Drum Instruction
  26. Agency Training – Operative Tactics

Seminar Scheduling & Rules

  1. Host: You must schedule with Sifu Sean at least 2 months in advance from the date of Seminar. It would be best if you scheduled 6 to 1 year ahead of the Seminar date, and would be more likely to fit into his schedule.
  2. Host: You must provide transportation and Hotel for Sifu Sean, and the Hotel must be Nice. No low budget Motel/Hotel rooms.
  3. Host: Photo’s and videoing are allowed, but must not get in the way, if Sifu Sean is doing a Video shoot during Seminar.


The Benefit of Hosting a Seminar is that when ever their is down time you will be able to pick Sifu Sean’s brain and do some one on one personal training with him, No Extra Charge! Usually Host’s become Apprentices under Sifu Sean, it is not required, but it is welcome if Host is interested.