What are the benefits of Martial Arts for Kids?

How Your Child Will Benefit From Our Kids Jeet Kune Do Martial Art Program!

by Sean Elders

The Martial Arts have been a method of practice since ancient times for training your mind, body, and spirit as one. Practitioners of the Martial Arts strive for perfection learning to master self through every movement they make, every thought they have, and every emotion they possess. Through this Mastery of Self they find Harmony, and at the same time, they also learn effective self-defense techniques for self-preservation. Children that get involved in the martial arts gain many benefits in several areas of life. Continue reading


10 Reasons Why Kickboxing Is The Best Workout!

Our members can’t believe the results they are getting. I have members that say they were never able to get rid of a problem area on their body, but after a couple of months doing our program they saw those problem areas instantly disappear.
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Shut Up, and Train!!

Today our society has interwoven “The world wide web”, as a functioning interlink to the way people interact, learn, do business etc. Humanity as we know it is over shadowed by information from the web of all kinds good and bad.

I frequently come across these martial art forums that are harping on a specific topic of interest. I can’t get over the misinformed, hateful, and downright ruthless character, coming from some these so called martial artists. I think in some cases they are cyber roaches making their rounds, putting out their droppings to whoever will take a bite. Then there are others that have good intentions in mind, but have been totally misinformed by their instructor or other great wizard of knowledge. Many times than none there are those who are the “EXPERT”, and want to go to every video, forum, and rave about how they know more than everyone else. The “EXPERT” has a tendency to tower over everyone criticizing others for a list that could go on forever. I call them the martial art police, because they go around policing the net being a dictator.

The martial art way teaches us to look within, to self evaluate our behavior, mindset, spiritual place, and motives. Bruce Lee was well none for his self reflecting and deep enter thinking. The martial art way for some is not an easy path. The first step is sometimes one of the hardest “Self Control”. It is Human nature to look at others and measure or gage them, and it is a great part of our society to do so. We see it everywhere “American Idol”, “Real World”, and “UFC” to name a few. It surrounds us and personifies our lives. This way of thinking has become so widely accepted, it has become a form of entertainment. I challenge you to look within, and have self control. It is easy to criticize, and it is hard work to self evaluate. We are here to help our fellow martial artist in an uplifting way, just like when we spar the goal is not to win it is to improve, and to help your opponent become better not by going easy on him but by making him work for it just as you work for it. Instead of policing around being the “EXPERT” take a real good look at yourself, and be strong enough to say; “I have some things I need to change.” If this blog is making you mad then you have to ask yourself; “why?” Maybe it is hitting home. To those “EXPERTS” out there on the message boards or in martial art schools criticizing someone else;


It is a waste of good energy, when you could be using it for your own growth. It truly shows a person’s intelligence, martial art level, and integrity when they prey on others for self validation.
By Sean Elders